Chinese Food Festival

In this post, I take you way back to May.

Green Park restaurant organised a 3-day CHINESE FOOD FESTIVAL on May 14th, 15th and 16th.

This festival, is not of those festivals you can imagine in Japan with parades, food stalls, lively occasions nor a full day pasar malam.

It is a 3-day in-house (Green Park restaurant only) change of Indian cuisine menu to a Chinese catered cuisine menu.

Reason: Green Park manage to invite a Chinese Chef from Singapore to cook for them for 3 days. The chef’s name is Tan Hoo Meng and he’ll be cooking all the dishes offered and created by him in the menu.

Was excited to hear that a chinese chef was coming to Salem. I called up Green Park restaurant on the 14th to book for a place on Sunday.

This, was our conversation:

Green park: Hello.

Me: Is this Green Park Restaurant?

Green Park: Yes.

Me: Hi, I would like to book a table for the Chinese Food Festival on the 16th, this Sunday.

Green Park: Do you speak Chinese?

Me: Er…yes

Green Park: Wait a minute…


Green park: Hello, 请问您是哪一位?

Me: Oh…我是郑先生。

Chef: 你好,你好。



Me:请问这 Chinese Food Festival 是 buffet 还是 a-la-carte 呢?

Chef:A-la-carte ( explains alot)

Some chit chats…

Me: Ok, 那我要在这礼拜book个桌子,晚上7点钟。




Was glad to hear a fellow Chinese whom I completely don’t know talking Mandarin through a local phone call. (For those of us who doesn’t speak tamil, it was surprising to speak to someone with your own language on the other side of the phone.)

Waited excitedly for Sunday to come.

And this was their menu:

Chinese Food Festival Menu

And I ordered this:

Chinese Food!

I ordered Lime Sauce Cod fish, Pan Fried Lamb with chef’s special sauce, Deep fried pork with champagne orange sauce(not in pic) and a Fried Rice with salted fish and chicken cubes.

There are some quite interesting food on the menu like ‘Delightful Coffee Chicken Cubes’. Not sure whether it is usually eaten in Singapore or the chef catered this for the Indians because Indians like their coffee.

The food was ok, but pricey. The Green Park Restaurant was on full-house that evening.


Do you love Curry Puff?

Went to town yesterday to buy the usual groceries, was in Nilgiris mart shopping for snacks and I suddenly stumbled upon an interesting product.

We all know that India is quite proud and famous about their curries, but to go to this extent, it was really jaw dropping.

I present to you:

Curry Puffs =D

Curry In Cream =)

Manufactured by Munchee Buscuits, it costs Rs 40 ===>Rm2.85.

This biscuit made me drop dead in my tracks while browsing through the biscuits section comprising of hundreds of local and imported varieties of biscuits.

I did not buy it though, i did not have the guts to try it though. It was simply too bizarre for me. =DDD

Anyone wants some? =D


Pee and go. Easy.

Was at Bangalore last week to buy reference books and instruments for my 3rd, 4th and final year.

Saw this opposite Best Dental Suppliers where we bought our instruments.

The open air-opposing-the-main road toilet is just situated outside Vanivilas women’s hospital.


Going mobile?

Hah..i finally did it. I wasn’t sure of the outcome of the 2 trials till this afternoon.Luckily they worked out fine.

I prefer writing blogs on the computer where I have much more convenience assessing various vital programmes and resources. But what choices do I have?

My beloved notebook crashed on me few months back and I was in far far away land from home. Was  using a Dell Inspiron 1420 and his motherboard crashed just after my second term exam. I repeat “JUST AFTER”, talking about luck. So, i called up Dell to inquire about the repair cost and service. =D

It cost Rs. 14650 to fix my notebook, and adding another 1 year of warranty for my Inspiron. Damn…it felt like all hope was lost and sure enough, hopes of reviving my dead notebook was gone. I was NOT willing to pay Rs. 14650 => Rm1102. I only had 4 more months here in India until I return home.

Life was boring after my notebook’s sudden departure.

Mundane months pass by just like that, I had only 2 more months till final exam. Few days back, I don’t know how and why, i decided to check up on my blog. I feel like blogging. Using my girlfriend’s notebook I search for how-to-s on how to mobile blog and I have neither Apple’s nor Androids nor Blackberry-s.

Both wordpress.com and blogger provide similar way of writing blogs using our mobile, I considered many stuffs and ta-da i ended up trying to blog using my mobile. Pics aren’t so high end now. =(

Would 3.2mps suffice?


WordPress mobile blogging

Hmmm..this a second attempt of mobile blogging and it costs.

Hope it works because i can attach photos and images using this e-mail client. Cheers!


Blogging on the go?

Hah…this is a test email-post. am trying to blog throuh my phone’s native gmail application.

There’s not much i can do here such like inserting a picture, much to my dismay.

Maybe i’ll try out other methods but i wonder why i always have the urge to blog near finals. XD Moreover i haven’t blogged since ages ago.


PIDC Cup 09

It’s been so so so long since i last blog here. I’m so sorry…

Since my last post, many events have occured.

For instance,

PIDC Cup 09 events such as track & field, soccer, basketball, table tennis competitions. Our batchmates have trained very hard for these event. As the captain for my batch I’m very grateful for each and every participants in our PIDC cup 09, “Thank You!”, although we had only acheived 3rd place in our overall score during the whole PIDC Cup 09, I really believe we did our best in the events, and do value those times we trained and competed.

Other than the sporting events, is the Grand Closing ceremony of PIDC Cup 09. It’ is somewhat a prom dinner with dances and sketches performed by each ongoing batch. I still remembered training for a dance till late night, those moments were truely unforgettable.

After the closing ceremony of the PIDC cup is the mundane routine of class hours for a few weeks. Since then, most our my classmates had been preparing for the ongoing Internals I (term exam) which is still currently going. To cut things short, I’ll post a few photos regarding the PIDC Cup events =D.

Many thanks to Mr. Christopher Tan Hong Liang and Ms. Chin Kit Yi (photographers for the PIDC Cup 09 event), Ms. LiewJoanne and Ms. Kelvin Lau for the following photos. Plus, special thanks to those that made appearance in my blog and most importantly my readers. THANK YOU!

Opening Ceremony

PIDC Cup 09 opening venue - Basketball Court

Cheer floor - Basketball court overlooking the teams' tent

Yellow Fireflyz

Fireflyz team tent

Fireflyz' cheer team

Fireflyz' members and tent

Team Fireflyz

Team Fireflyz

Jade warriors, Fireflyz, Charizards, and Violet Tristans

Basketball competition

Fireflyz' female basketball team

Fireflyz' basketball captain vs Jade warriors


Fireflyz' male soccer team

Fireflyz' female soccer team

Raj and Shu Zhe. Raj in action.


Fireflyz' female volleyball team

Fireflyz' male volleyball team

Sivam's airtime

Carom game

Serious Gee Yang

Fireflyz' team won a game

Table tennis

Fireflyz' Simran vs Violet Tristan's Sacchin


Fireflyz' female doubles badminton team in action

Track and Field events

Fireflyz' Sing Ying running. Supporters ran too.

Females relay event

Track and Field - Team Fireflyz

They won!

Tug of War - Fireflyz mixed team


Stage and Sivam's speech

Roselyn, Shue Kang and Wee Jian's performance

From left: Quan-Senn, Shu Zhe, Pang Teng, Adric and Me

From left: Quan-Senn, Adric, Pang Teng, Shu Zhe and Me

Fireflyz: Female performers

From left: Quan-Senn, Li Herng, Shu Zhe and Me

"Gee" Dancers

PIDC 6th Batch (Fireflyz) and few VMU students

That concludes the photos for the 1 month PIDC Cup 09.

The one month PIDC Cup 09 truly brought me unforgettable memories and I do cherish them for the rest of my life.

“Dear Fireflyz and other friends: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!. I’m very sorry if I have offended you in any training, games and competitions.”

Sorry for the delay in blogging. Still having my internal exam ( Term I).

Will post more for the following weeks =DDD


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